our house

we finally broke ground. our closing date is October 29th.

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Well, where to start. Once school got out we decided to make our residence in the great state of Idaho permanent. That's when the fun began. Our lease was up the end of June. We told the NIRC (the rental company ) that we wanted to do month to month. We were promptly informed that the owner wanted us to sign another year lease or vacate the property. Being that we were trying to buy a house we did not want to be tied to that house for another year. So we found a short term rental just two blocks up the road. In the meantime we got things rolling to have a house built. Much to my dismay, we weren't able to stay in our Ward. After some prayer I was comforted and I know that this is where my Heavenly Father wants/needs us to be. We are excited to watch our house be built and very grateful for the guidance we have received.

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Spring break fun!

Last Tuesday we loaded up the sub and headed for Oregon. The kiddos were set
with their snacks and movies.

Rob is an awesome chauffeur,
THe first part of our time in Oregon was spent at at Aunt Meri &
Uncle Jake's house. Poor Charlie had a hard time keeping up with the kiddos.
Spence wasn't too sure about the puppy.
Aunt Amanda gave Jessi and I some highlights...they turned out great!

While at Meri's we had a birthday party for Rob, Jessi and Spencer. We went to
Izzy's Pizza for dinner and had a delicious ice cream-filled chocolate
cake for dessert(made by Meri).
Nana & Marli waiting for cake.

The last part of our trip we stayed at Nana & Grandpa's. Friday
we went to the Gilbert House Discovery Village.
The kids had fun, big kids too. The weather was wet and cold so we didn't make it to the coast.
We went to OMSI and had sensory overload.
This is an Austalian walking stick. A very odd creature. The feet felt like sticky
suction cups.

Spencer was the kid to hold it. The others were chickens, especially Jessi.
We saw some really cute astonauts......

and one not so cute at the moment.
After exhausting ourselves at OMSI, we had a little Easter egg hunt.
Uncle Jake hid them very well.
Here's my sweet Spencer with his spoils. I really love this kid:)
I'm very glad that we were able to spend time with our fam in Oregon.
But missed the Utah clan.

The day after we returned home we celebrated my
wonderful hubby's 37th birthday. We're going on
13 years of marriage this summer and I love him more each year.


STOMP camp

For those who don't know what STOMP is, it's a performance group that uses
different things like brooms,trash can lids, rubber tubes, etc. to make music.
One of our local highschools put on a STOMP camp for the
elementary and middleschool aged kids.
Jessica went and had a blast.
She recieved a set of real drumsticks, a t-shirt and a day of musical
instruction. At the end of the day the kids put on a performance for the parents.Jessi
learned a lot of knew things and had a wonderful experience.
(video coming soon)

Hair styles

My sister Leah loves to try new hair do's. I thought I'd give it a shot on my girls.
The only one who was willing to let me play with their hair was Emmy.
First I did a French twist....
Then put them together in a French braid.
This one is an upsidedown French braid into a ponytail.
So much fun!



Well, here's what's been happening at the Cummins' house
over the past couple months...
Sunday afternoon fun
Jessi's violin concert...
a wonderful Christmas at home....

with hats and scarves from Nana.....

Caroling at our friends' assisted living home...
Jessi's awesome Egyt project (it was on the Book of the Dead)...
and Jessi donating her hair to Locks of Love.


Kaylei's 7th Birthday

We started Kaylei's birthday off by taking her out for a day of beauty.
First she got a new hair style, then we took
her to get her ears pierced.

On Sunday we had her party. Rob's family came over for dinner

and dessert.

Kaylei's last gift from us was a fishing pole.
She has been wanting her own for quite a while.

Lip gloss, paints and a photo album from Nana....

and a bunch of fun things from Grandma Lyn and Aunt Cherie.
Kaylei is excited to prepare for baptism during the next year.